Warning Signs of Potential Casino Scams and How to Avoid

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Local gaming commissions regulate the land-based casinos and make sure that fair gaming laws are adhered to. This is not possible on the internet. Online casinos are simple and convenient source of entertainment. Internet has become a popular hangout for scammers in every field, even online casino games. A casino gaming website gets designed to scam players or there are times when a casino gets bankrupt and disappears from the scene overnight along with the player’s money.

Warning signs of potential casino scams

No/slow pay

When you request withdrawal, it takes weeks for cash out or you never get it. Delay in payments can be because you reside in a country, where online gambling is illegal. The casino has to leap through multiple hoops to give you the winnings but if these are delayed a lot then you get scammed.

Customer service tells that you were paid but if haven’t been paid then it is a potential sign of being scammed. Casinos planning to wind up often stall players, so as to keep hold of as much as possible for themselves.

High then natural odds given

Rigged games occur around card rooms at the poker table to enhance profitability, especially when an inexperienced player is given high than natural odds. A theory that in all scenario favoring underdog odds need to be 78-22 but when it changes to 80-20. This change towards a player is a scam, which can be detected easily.

How to avoid being victim of online casino scams?

Look for license

All reputable situs judi online need to be licensed in the jurisdiction they operate. Due to lack of or strict gambling laws in majority of major countries, online casinos get operated from small countries.

Fortunately, United Kingdom has made online casinos legal but for attaining license requirements are strict. Players can feel confident choosing an online casino with license from the UK. Stay away from casino’s who don’t provide information about their license.

Ensure the online casino makes use of reputable software

Well-known companies committed to program quality casino software means fair and safe gameplay. Unfortunately, there are some programmers, who are committed to getting a huge amount for designing rigged software to scam online casino players.

Read T&Cs

Terms and conditions are always overlooked. Every online casino needs one and if you cannot find then it is a red flag. In addition, if the terms and conditions are loaded with legal jargons hard to understand get familiar with jurisdiction, age requirements, withdrawal limits, game restrictions, and bonus wagering requirements.

Make sure to choose an online casino wisely to enjoy a consistent gaming experience.