Online Gambling Via Online Poker in Indonesia

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Online gambling is a tile-based game which is firstly introduced by the china. Later on, it has become a famous game in Indonesia. In Indonesia, there are no such people who don’t know about this game. It has many different gambling games available on different sites. Indonesia is a Muslim majority country, and this is the reason that the rule is very strict for gambling. Sharia law forbids all forms of gambling in Indonesia. There are no licensed ground poker clubs or casinos, and online gambling is also illegal. In spite of these strict rules still, most of the people from Indonesia know about online gambling and involve in this game. The main reason behind it that it’s not only a fun game but also a good source of earning money while sitting at home.

History of online gambling in Indonesia

Though online poker is illegal in Indonesia, still it has such an enormous impact on the people of Indonesia that they play it very often that too for a long time. Firstly gambling has been played in China. Then gradually the online poker game has attained the attention of the Indonesian people also. Gambling was legal in Indonesia only when the British were ruling in Indonesia. Nowadays most of the people in Indonesia are involved in playing online poker games though gambling in ground-based casinos is still illegal in Indonesia. Gambling has been made legal by the Indonesian government after it has got freedom. It was the Muslim leaders who were against the gambling as it’s a kind of sin as per their religion.

Online gambling is safe as compared to the gambling which has been played by the gamblers in ground-based casinos. Some criminal activities also become a part of the ground-based casinos. This is the reason the government has not legalized this game. Despite strict rules and corporal punishments, online gambling is still prevalent amongst the Indonesian people. Many beginners join this online gambling daily. Despite stringent regulations and actions of the Indonesian government this Poker online indonesia is in trend for a long time and attracting many people.

Few popular sites to play online poker in Indonesia

Although there are many different sites available to play poker online Indonesia, few sites are the best as it provides many facilities to the player. The most important benefit of online poker is that one can play this game while sitting at home in his comfort zone. It also provides different payment options such as credit cards, entropay, Asiapay88, Mandiri Debit Card, Bank transfer which makes it easy to play this online gambling. The popular sites for playing online poker are as follows.

  • 888Poker: This site is known for its smooth poker games. It provides excellent promotions and offers to the players.
  • Tiger Gaming: If one is a beginner then this is a site where one can start from. It offers a wide range of games and many chances to win the jackpot.
  • Betfair Poker: The best aspect of this site is that the software for this site is available in 7 languages, a handsome earning every month is guaranteed.

Apart from these three sites, there are also many sites available to play online poker such as pokerstars, party poker, Ladbrokes poker, and many more.